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Dogsthorpe Academy


We are fortunate that most children at our Academy make the right choices about their learning and behaviour every day. Children arriving at the Academy are taught that they are responsible for their actions and that they have responsibilities as well as rights.

Staff support children with their classroom behaviour using ‘the sun, rainbow and the cloud’.

In class, all the children start the day on the sun. If they demonstrate particularly good behaviour they may move on to the rainbow. However if a child makes the wrong choices about their behaviour the teacher will move a child to the cloud. They will be reminded about the expectations in class and what good behaviour should look like. If a child needs some time to think about their behaviour, they may be sent to another class to work for part of the day.

January 2015 Revised Classroom Behaviour Guidance

*Positive Rewards*

For more serious behaviour concerns behaviour reports, seclusion or exclusion may be used.