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Dogsthorpe Academy


Please click on the link below for our curriculum overviews


Every child in our Academy follows the National Curriculum and the locally agreed syllabus for Religious Education. The aim of our curriculum is to :

  • promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils at the school and of society, and
  • prepare pupils at the school for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.
  • foster a life-long love of learning

The curriculum is organised to encourage children to develop the skills they need to become literate, numerate and well-rounded members of our community in years to come.

We use a cross curricular topic approach where children have opportunities to be fully involved in their learning and to have meaningful experiences. Children make links between different subject areas and make connections with real life. Children are encouraged to become responsible and independent citizens and to enjoy their learning.

In addition to our formal curriculum, we also provide a range of opportunities for children to follow their own interests and carry out individualised learning programmes. Children are offered a number of outdoor learning opportunities which may include gardening and Forest School sessions in year 5.

Please note that parents/carers can withdraw their children from collective worship, R.E. and Sex Education (but not those parts of sex education that are in the science curriculum) if you wish, but we hope this will not be necessary. If you wish to do this please arrange a meeting with the Principal to discuss your concerns.


Reading is taught through guided reading sessions where children are taught in a group. In addition to this, some children also benefit from working with a Reading Buddy – an adult volunteer who is trained to work with children to support their reading. Any parent/carer wishing to support this programme should contact us so that we can organise their training.

Every class has regular sessions in the library to change reading books. We also make use of the public library in Central Avenue and strongly encourage parents/carers to make sure their children are members. Older children in the Academy are trained as librarians as part of developing their responsibilities to the Academy community.

Every child should read as much as possible whether this is comics, magazines, books or E-readers. We would like all parents to listen to their children reading daily until they become confident readers.  

Home Learning

This is seen as a shared responsibility between staff, pupils, parents and carers. Children should practise their times tables regularly. They will be given weekly spellings to learn and reading books from the Academy should also be shared at home. Project tasks may also be given from time to time to allow children to be more creative and follow interests.

Home learning gives children tasks to complete in their own time and introduces them to responsibilities of remembering, managing time and working independently. If you do think your child is struggling, please make sure you see your child’s class teacher straight away.

The Environment

The environment plays an intrinsic part in our learning. Through rich first hand experiences and opportunities our pupils explore the world and recreate areas in our academy to enhance their learning.

We aim to make our academy as inclusive as possible. Pupils are equipped with the right life skills and key skills to take the next steps in their education. Regular support for home learning, E safety and PSHE displays enable children to talk about the world around them and how they can support and contribute to a number of worthy causes.