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Dogsthorpe Academy

English - Reading


Reading is one of the first things that children learn when they start school. It is the foundation of all education. When children can read, other subjects then become available to them and independent learning can begin. Those who are unable to read well will find themselves at a constant disadvantage throughout their education.


We aim to develop pupils’ competence in the dimensions of;

  • word reading
  • comprehension (both listening and reading)

Skilled word reading involves both the speedy working out of the pronunciation of unfamiliar printed words (decoding) and the speedy recognition of familiar printed words. Underpinning both is the understanding that the letters on the page represent the sounds in spoken words. This is why phonics should be emphasised in the early teaching of reading to beginners (i.e. unskilled readers) when they start school.

Good comprehension draws from linguistic knowledge (in particular of vocabulary and grammar) and on knowledge of the world. Comprehension skills develop through pupils’ experience of high-quality discussion with the teacher, as well as from reading and discussing a range of stories, poems and non-fiction. All pupils must be encouraged to read widely across both fiction and non-fiction to develop their knowledge of themselves and the world in which they live, to establish an appreciation and love of reading, and to gain knowledge across the curriculum. Reading widely and often increases pupils’ vocabulary because they encounter words they would rarely hear or use in everyday speech. Reading also feeds pupils’ imagination and opens up a treasure-house of wonder and joy for curious young minds.

Reading Curriculum map

We aim to develop a lifelong love of reading, through providing children with a breath of opportunities to read within the school day and across the curriculum. In addition, we provide opportunities for them to take high-quality texts home from our well-resourced library. We intend that our children will be able to read fluently, quickly, accurately and with appropriate stress and intonation while also being able to comprehend throughout all subjects. Curriculum in our school will be enhanced using a wide range of fiction, poetry, non-fiction and reference books linked to topics. Different text types are carefully selected, across all year groups, so that children are systematically exposed to a variety of genres.  Phonics intervention takes place to support pupils who have not yet passed the Year 1 Phonics test and is taught through the government approved program - Bug Club Phonics.