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Dogsthorpe Academy


At Dogsthorpe Academy, we believe that Geography helps children in their enquiry skills about their locality and the wider world. As Dogsthorpe Academy is a multi-cultured school, we believe in the importance of understanding different contexts globally as well as locally. Children are encouraged to develop skills within geography that are transferable to other areas of the curriculum. As geography is predominantly and investigative subject, we look to give children the options to further enhance their knowledge through in the locality. Our aim is to inspire a fascination and curiosity within the children of Dogsthorpe Acedemy as well as an understanding of their place within the world. The curriculum is designed so that as student’s progress through the school, the knowledge they are embracing develops from previous knowledge taught. 

 All knowledge has been taken from the national curriculum and is linked in a topic focussed curriculum where subjects link to increase student’s knowledge of a given topic.