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Dogsthorpe Academy

MFL- Spanish


Children will learn lifelong skills that they can take forward as they continue to explore foreign languages in KS3 and beyond.

Our linguists will experience conversation with other learners and practise through role play scenarios to prepare them for future application. 


Children will engage with lots of exciting opportunities to learn about different cultures and countries. This may include learning about festivals, food and fun activities linked to these cultures. We are using Language Angels to support our teaching of Spanish, with pupils having access to additional learning games/songs at home which correspond to the units they are covering in class.

Our linguists will explore Spanish through a range of text types, songs and rhymes. 


 Develop a clear understanding of basic skills in Spanish, focussing on speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Our linguists will celebrate their learning through displays, presentations and finished pieces of work.


This will help to prepare pupils to become global citizens and play their role in a diverse world, beyond the shores of the United Kingdom.   We believe that Modern Foreign Languages prepares students for the rapidly changing world we live in. With Spanish being the second most spoken language in the world, we feel that providing a strong foundation for  pupils' understanding of this language will provide them with excellent opportunities to develop this further in the future. Pupils learn to appreciate different countries, cultures, communities and people, not only learning language skills, but also developing knowledge about Spanish speaking countries. 

Our linguists will explore the importance of the Spanish language around the world today. 

Spanish Curriculum Map