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Dogsthorpe Academy

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning at Dogsthorpe Academy is planned to enrich and enhance the children's in-school learning experiences. Children also have opportunities to learn specific outdoor skills which link closely to our curriculum. Our vision for the future is to implement learning opportunities that together with the learning taking place inside the classroom, will allow children to have an opportunity to transfer their skills, both outdoors and indoors. 

Currently, we are trying to encourage growing and sowing using the fantastic grounds that surround our school. We are taking part in the Morrisons 'Good to Grow' incentive. Please help us by registering your interest (link below).  Your vouchers will help provide new equipment for our school, so that children can learn new skills and truly appreciate the great outdoors.

Outdoor learning helps children develop in the following ways: 


In May 2021 we were fortunate enough to have had a successful grant application via Learning through landscapes Thanks to this opportunity, we can further enrich our pupil's outdoor experiences. 

We have begun our journey towards integrating our classroom curriculum with the fabulous outdoors that Dogsthorpe Academy has on offer. We aim to further develop our pupil's social and emotional skills and to help all children discover their unique hidden talents through a true appreciation for nature.

With your help and support, we hope to make our outdoor areas even better over the course of the next few years, so that our children can gain lifelong transferrable skills through our safe learning environments.