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Dogsthorpe Academy

Performance Tables

Primary accountability measures
Reforms to primary accountability from 2016 include a new headline attainment and progress performance measures and a new floor standard.

Primary assessment includes a new ‘expected standard’ (a higher standard than in 2015), along with new national curriculum tests in English reading and mathematics, with outcomes reported as scaled scores ranging from 80 to 120, rather than levels. There are also new interim frameworks for teacher assessment, including pre-key stage standards for pupils who have not completed the relevant programme of study.

2018 SATS results (unvalidated results)

2018 SATS Reading Writing Maths ESPG Combined
Progress score -2.21 -2.31 -3.39    
Attainment 56% 61 % 54% 70% 38%
Average scaled score          
Higher Standard 11 1% 8%   0%



75% 78% 76% 78 64%
National average scaled score 102   103    

Click on the link below to access the Department for Education Performance Tables for the academy:
DfE Performance Tables