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Dogsthorpe Academy

Pupil Premium

Pupil premium accountability at the Dogsthorpe Academy

Our Academy aims to make further adjustments to the support children receive using pupil premium money effectively to help narrow the gap for children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Summary of objectives:

  • To narrow the gap in attainment between pupils on pupil premium and other pupils.
  • To provide teaching, learning and technological resources, materials and training to tackle specific areas of underperformance through targeted intervention and additional support.
  • To ensure equal and fair access, opportunities and experience for all children both within the curriculum and for trips and extra –curricular provision.
  • To provide effective and responsive pastoral care and address specific behavioural and attendance issues.
  • To meet the needs of families in difficult and challenging circumstances.
  • To provide supplemental external support for pupils with special educational needs and medical, behavioural and attendance issues.

The Academy and Academy Council remain committed to spending this money in order to impact the targeted children in such a way that it does not openly discriminate against others. Initiatives primarily designed to impact on PP children are open to all children who are deemed to have the same need. In addition to direct spending on PP children much of this spending has also directly in indirectly impacted positively across the whole academy.

The primary focus for the expenditure for 2015 – 16 has been providing additional support in the form of additional highly skilled teaching assistants to either personally deliver high quality impactful intervention programmes or support inclusively in the classroom.

Please click below for Pupil Premium Reports and Strategies