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Dogsthorpe Academy

Pupil Voice

At the Dogsthorpe Academy we encourage children to stand up and be counted! We run a number of initiatives that enable pupils to be fully involved in Academy life.

Academy Houses and Competitions

All children and adults are allocated one of our four houses when they join the Academy.


Throughout the year children can earn house points alongside our reward system. Once a half term they participate in a whole school house competition. The winning house receives house points and an overall winner is declared at the end of the year.

Academy Council 

Each year, every class elects their class School Council representative. They meet every half term and have made a number of decisions for the Academy.

Head Boy and Girl 

Every year we appoint a Head Boy and Girl to represent the Academy. They are present at parents evenings to talk to families, show guests around and post weekly questions for the pupils in the Academy to answer.

Bilingual Assistants

The Dogsthorpe Academy appoints bilingual assistants to help support and settle new children to the Academy if English is not their first language. They also help to translate day to day concerns a parent may have to ensure everyone feels safe and supported.

Office Helpers

With so many errands and jobs to do, our front of house secretary has a team of dedicated children office helpers who deliver letters and other important resources/messges around the Academy.

Library Monitors

Since opening our research / library room we have a number of children who help organise the books and ensure the library is running smoothly for all to enjoy.