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Dogsthorpe Academy


Intent & Vision 

Learn – We encourage our pupils to develop their understanding of themselves in relation to the world around them.  We want them to understand how things are made, how things work and develop an understanding of their place in the Universe.  

Engage - We believe in enabling our children to experience the awe and wonder of science in their local community and the wider world around, make links and connections for themselves. We discover through children investigating their own ideas and being brave and bold enough to challenge others. 

Achieve - We challenge our pupils to build on their curiosity using scientific skills to enable them to become enquiry-based learners and to achieve their full learning potential. They have many opportunities to apply these scientific skills to develop their understanding of the world around them, which will continue with them to KS3. 

Prepare - Learning in Science for our pupils is Lifelong, so they are applying their knowledge and understanding in their adult life. For example, this could be understanding their healthy and unhealthy food choices to understand the impact of these to their health long term. We are ensuring pupils understand how people from different walks of life have impacted developing key scientific concepts and ideas. They also learn about how many careers that hold elements of science within them. 

Science Curriculum map