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Dogsthorpe Academy

Year 4

Our Team:

Sycamore Class: Miss E Woosnam

Maple Class: Mrs H Hartley

Cherry Tree Class: Mr R Tootal, Mr J Spires

Additional Teacher:  Mrs Naylor

Teaching Assistants: Mrs N Colegate, Mrs M Myers, Mrs V Lang, Mrs V Golipad





Autumn 1: River deep, mountain high

Learn about the characteristics and features of rivers and mountains around the world. 


Autumn 2: Star-spangled banner

Discover the United States, past and present. Finding out about Native American culture, map reading and a variety of key locations within the United States.



Spring 1: Why did the Angles, Saxons, Jutes and Scots settle in Britain?

This project teaches children about life in Britain after the Roman withdrawal. Children will learn about Anglo-Saxon and Viking invasions up to the Norman conquest.


Spring 2: Fish and Ships

Learn all about the human and physical features of the sea, developing your knowledge of ocean layers, sea exploration food chains and pollution.



Summer 1: Viking Raiders

Travel back to find out what life was like in Britain after the Romans left. Learn all about the Viking invasions and the Norman Conquest. 


Summer 2: Early Civilisations

Discover what life was like for some of the earliest civilisations, including the Ancient Egyptians. 


We use the following websites to supplement the learning children are completing in school. Please click on the links to find out more about each one:

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                                             Mathletics (educational software) - Wikipedia                      


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