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Dogsthorpe Academy

Year 5

Each year group features a topic focussing on the explicit development of art, craft and design skills and on the formal elements of art: colour, form, line, shape, texture, tone and pattern. These skills are applied and developed further in the remaining topics, each comprising five lessons. Units can be taught in any order, as progression builds upon learning from the previous year.


Design for a purpose – Autumn 2

Designing to a given criteria; developing design ideas for a room interior, a coat of arms and a product to fit a given name


Every picture tells a story – Spring 1

Exploring the meaning behind art – analyse the work of Banksy; making symmetry prints inspired by Rorschach, telling a story using emojis, re-enacting a poignant war scene and taking inspiration from ceramic artist Odundo.


Formal elements: Architecture – Summer 1

Drawing from observation, creating prints, drawing from different perspectives and learning about the role of an architect.